A social insect - most ant pest species in Australia are advanced social insects - multiple queens, kings, workers and winged reproductive’s - ants live in permanent colony nests located in a variety of habitats - in the soil - in timber - under pavers - in wall cavities and roof void spaces of buildings

Thousands in the pantry - ants may travel large distances in search of food - even a very clean kitchen or pantry can provide a ready food source for ants - a sudden extreme infestation by ants in the pantry often occurs in summer - with the pantry covered in ants.

A nuisance pest - a few of the ant pest species can inflict a painful bite, but most are a nuisance pest when they infest pantries, kitchens and BBQ areas in large numbers. 

Summer time is most problematic - the ants are out in force, building up their numbers and searching incessantly for food to be stored in their colony nest for the colder winter months. 

Correct identification of the particular pest species of ant is vital to implementing a control program. Some species nest in the ground, others are more likely find a home in your roof void or wall cavity. 

Ants inside the building - for internal areas - recommend the application of professional strength spray to skirtings to ensure a barrier throughout the home. The spray does not smell and will not stain floors or carpets. Bathrooms and toilets, or areas where bare feet tread are treated with ants baits.

Permethrin dust to ant nesting locations found inside the roof void and subfloor spaces of your home or commercial building - for external areas apply a liquid treatment to obvious ant nesting sites and trailing areas. 

Ants take the bait - recommend seeking a pest controller that uses the latest technology in liquid ant bait- professional products – contained in a sealed plastic dispenser - installed near high activity areas - foraging ants collect and carry the appetising liquid bait back to feed the other ants in the colony nest - effective control may take several weeks - a range of ant baits are available - their use depending on whether the ant pest species are sugar feeders or protein eaters. The most effective bait I use is Maxforce Ant Liquid.

Professional pest control of ants using Permethrin - ant baits -liquid insecticide spray - depends on ant species - size of property - extent of infestation - ease of access - sub-floor – or weep vents-roof void - other nesting sites.