Do you hear noises in your roof?

That sound like someone’s about to come through the ceiling and join you in your lounge room…..or worse still in your bed!!!!

POSSUMS... Cute and cuddly, maybe but they don’t pay rent!!

Possums naturally shelter in tree hollows but when the trees are removed to make way for houses, they look for other places to habit. Houses make the perfect substitute. The hole doesn’t need to be very big, if they can get there head through then there’s a big chance they can get their body through. They will chew wood or even lead flashing to make the opening bigger. Possums also attract rats, who will feed on possum poo. It is almost a certainty that if you have possums in your roof, then you will also have rats

Possums are nocturnal which means you would be hearing them leave just after dark and coming back home just before dawn sometime.
Possums are a protected species, they cannot be killed, or relocated
SOUNDS like your rent free guest? I can help.

Trapping Possums

Possums may be trapped, but only to remove them from the roof. They must be released on the same property within 50 metres of the capture site. Licensed wildlife controllers are also authorised to trap possums,but they will not relocate them to another site.

Possums and the law

Q: Are possums protected?
A: All possums are protected in Victoria under the provisions of the Wildlife Act 1975.

Q:How has the law changed?
A: A Governor in Council Order made on 8 July 2003 was published in Government Gazette G28, pages 1766-1767 on 10 July 2003. This Order permits the trapping of Common Brushtail Possums living in buildings for the purpose of releasing them on the same property or taking them to a registered vet for euthanasia. Relocation of possums is prohibited. Common Ringtail Possums remain fully protected and may not be trapped.