Silverfish - Pest Control Methods

Fabric destroyers - silverfish are a common pest species throughout Australia - they prefer to eat items with a high starch content - cotton fabrics - silk - paper - glues - similar organic materials - some synthetic fabrics - silverfish usually avoid woollens.

Live with you - silverfish prefer a dark quite environment - are most active at night - prefer to nest in largely unused areas - dusty roof spaces - storage rooms - basements - wall cavities - bookcases - but they may roam extensively around a building in search of new food and moisture sources.

People often find silverfish in a bath-tub where they have fallen in during their roaming in the dead of the night from the roof void and become trapped by the smooth vertical walls of the bath-tub.

Free ride and board - a silverfish infestation most often commences when the adults or their eggs are transported into the building in infested cardboard boxes - cartons - furniture - similar items.

Initial Inspection of the premises for evidence of nesting and habitat locations - the extent of the infestation and specific pest control options available - high emphasis on safety and effectiveness. 

Insecticidal treatment is often required for effective control - the roof void and wall cavities are treated with a Permethrin Insecticidal Dust using specialised equipment - other areas - basements - storage rooms is treated with a Beta-cyfluthrin liquid insecticidal spray.