EUROPEAN WASPS - sting repeatedly - the European Wasp is found throughout Victoria. The European Wasp may attack in large numbers - as a single motivated group they may sting repeatedly in a frenzy. In such circumstances, this feral pest can be highly dangerous to children, the infirmed and elderly - deaths have been recorded. 

EUROPEAN WASPS - sting - extreme pain - the sting of a European wasp is extremely painful - highly inflammatory - particularly if you are stung on the throat or other glandular parts of your body. 

EUROPEAN WASPS - deadly concerns - European wasps love sweet sugars - BE CAREFUL if they are about particularly in summer - they may to enter soft drink or beer cans. Deaths have occurred when people drink from such cans and swallow a European wasp. The venom of a repeated sting inside a person's throat can cause massive swelling and sudden death by asphyxiation (suffocation). 

Identification: The European Wasp can be identified by the bright yellow and black stripes on it's abdomen in the pattern as depicted by the graphic on your left. 

Paper Wasp has brown and orange stripes and is far less dangerous.

Nesting locations: European wasp nests are usually found in the ground, rockeries, tree stumps, wall cavities and roof voids. The Paper wasp is usually found in a small papery nest usually hanging from a horizontal surface, such as, on walls under ceilings, window sills, awnings, shrubs and similar locations.

Locate the nest: If you see a European wasp on your property and want to help eradicate the danger imposed by this wasp, then then you could attempt carefully to find the source of the problem - the colony nest. This can be difficult as the main nest could be hundreds of metres from your residence. 

WARNING: DO NOT attempt to eradicate a European Wasp nest yourself, unless you have the complete range of protective equipment and professional knowledge essential in the circumstances. Your action could induce the entire colony to swarm and attack as a group - a most dangerous situation.